Customs brokerage and freight forwarding

In addition to our main activity, Global Maritime Services Ltd offers a full range of services aimed at assisting our Customers in customs formalities related to import and export of various goods. Our highly-skilled professionals are at your disposal for providing you support and assistance in matters relevant to various local institutions, as well as those overseas.
Some of the import services offered include:
  • Track and Trace of containers throughout the transportation process
  • Customs clearance, as well as dealing with customs and other authorities related to import regulations on customer’s behalf
  • Customs consultancy
  • Issuance of trade documents and certificates
  • Manifesting and declaring goods under customs regimes – transit, import, customs warehousing, inward processing procedure, processing under customs control, temporary import, etc.
  • Importing goods into free zone or warehouse
  • Export, re-export, and outward processing procedure
  • Bank guarantee and provision for customs duty during transit
  • Applying for the use of simplified procedures for declaring, extension of deadlines, more favorable tariffing, transportation of goods under customs supervision, allowance of duty free import, etc.
  • Company registration for electronic manifesting
  • Submission of electronic customs declaration
  • Assistance in corrections, cancellation for electronic customs declaration, applications for customs evaluation of goods, tariff classification
  • Organization of loading/unloading activities, sorting, packing, palletizing, etc. in the ports of Varna, Varna-West, and duty free and customs warehouses
  • Provision of quantitative and qualitative control of the goods by authorized authorities
The main export services are:
  • Ensuring control on the container movements after it has been cleared by customs from the shipping points, its loading on a ship, as well as after the actual sailing
  • Certifying of the original transport documentation issued at time of the shipping from border customs and other authorities. This is in close cooperation with border veterinary and sanitary control
  • Release of cargo at destination after presentation of original Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill, in accordance with the customer’s requirements and advice
  • Preparation of:
    • Bill of Lading in accordance with the documents issued by the client, as well as any additional documentation deemed necessary by the letter of credit on a given deal
    • Cargo manifest; check of already submitted customs export declaration from the shipping customs, as well as all original trade documents that relate to the goods, and preparation of document sets with change of ownership protocol for border customs at each ship’s sailing
  • Cargo manifesting after sailing for each container
  • Provision of full and accurate information for agents at the destination
  • Forwarding of complete sets of documents, including Bill of Lading and original trade documents back to the client by express courier, in order to release freight at destination
  • Direct contact with all clients nation-wide
  • Freight forwarding activity for the booked export cargo with further containerization at the port of Varna-West. Ensuring the availability of necessary staff, equipment, within appropriate time-frame, as well as issuing all the necessary documentation needed by customs and port authorities
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